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Ox Cart Adventure Tours was created by 3 Cambodian locals who have extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry, with the desire to build a business that supports a local community they have family connections to.


Mr. PHANITH PUTH has a combined experience of over 25 years working in 5 star hotels, travel agencies and as tour guides and drivers. Their vision is to build a business that helps the development of Chreav village and surroundings, whilst maintaining and supporting Cambodian Culture.


Chreav village is a traditional community around 7 km to the South East of Siem Reap. Most of the people in this village heavily rely on fishing and farming for their survival whilst some others travel to Siem Reap everyday for work.


Ox Carts have been used for hundreds of years in Cambodia for farming and transport. With the arrival of modern tractors, ox carts are used less and few remain in the area. Using the Ox Carts for our tours ensures that these important features of our culture are retained.


The activities from “Ox Cart Tour Adventures” provides the following benefits to the local community:


  • Jobs for local farmers
  • Support to those most in need, for example through donations of livestock
  • Financial support in the form of no-interest or low-interest loans
  • Emergency financial support as needed


Mr. PHANITH PUTH is passionate about their culture and their people and would love to share that with you.


“We provide service from our hearts and would love to create the most memorable trip for you”

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Tolaka Road, Chreav village, Chreav Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Meet Point:

Khum Chreav, Wat Prin, Siem Reap

Email: info@oxcartadventuretours.com

Tel: +855 69 529 696

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