The Oxcart Village Activities

Ox Cart Adventure Tours has a strong passion to help retain traditional and cultural knowledge and skills.

We have made strong connections and set up joined projects with people in Chreav village that enable the education of the younger generations and show visitors our rich heritage.


Our vision is for these projects to grow, provide employment for local villagers and create a unique experience for our guests. In the future we will provide home-stays and also the opportunity for guests to participate in rice planting and harvesting.


Farming & Fishing

During your visit to one of these projects you will be able to learn about traditional activities like farming and fishing.

We have been able to collect and preserve old farming and fishing tools to show you how local people work the land, grow food and catch fish. Some of these tools date back to the Khmer Rouge days, where farmers had to make everything by hand and keep all tools and ox cart harnesses in tip top condition or risk being killed.

Many of the ancient and manual methods are still being used today. With your new understanding you will gain a great appreciation for the hard work required for people to feed themselves and maybe earn a little extra if the harvest is good.


Rice Production

Rice is the mainstay of the diets of Cambodian people. It is usually eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A rich harvest creates possibilities for families to save some money and maybe send an extra child to school for a while. However, when the rice production fails due to floods or dry weather it has a huge impact on the well being of the people in the villages.

Understanding the importance of rice in the Cambodian culture and for the people will give you a deep insight into our culture.

During your tour we will show you the many steps involved in rice production, from planting, growing to harvesting. You will see traditional rice processing machines and tools that will turn raw rice into sweet rice for cambodian snacks, rice flour and the rice that is used for daily meals.


Wood Work & Tool Making

All the ox carts we use on our tours are made and maintained by hand using traditional methods.

The skills involved with this have been handed down from generation to generation. This includes the woodwork and carpentry, wheel making, iron work and rope & harness making.

When you are in your ox cart, take a moment to imagine the long hours of work that have been put in to your cart and feel the smoothness of the timber from years of usage.


For many of our guests the village activities is the highlight of the tour, it takes them so much closer to the real Cambodia, our history and the way the vast majority of Cambodians live today.

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